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New Bearings Available for Nutri Ninja Blades

We now have replacement bearings available to fit the extractor blade unit on various Nutri Ninja blenders and smoothie makers. The bearings in the Nutri Ninja blades can wear out and become loose or seize up and get noisy or stiff. You can buy new replacement Nutri Ninja bearings to fix your blender through our […]

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Video released for Waterpik WP-450 Battery Replacement

We have released a new repair video on our YouTube channel, this time for the Waterpik WP-450 water flosser. This is a straightforward repair to fix a very popular Waterpik model. Watch our Waterpik WP-450 Battery Replacement video by clicking on the link! The video was taken from our photographic Waterpik WP-450 repair guide, which […]

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What is Built-In Obsolescence?

Built-in obsolescence, or planned obsolescence, is where products are deliberately designed to fail prematurely or are deliberately made difficult or uneconomical to repair. Many electronic devices are made difficult to open up and internal batteries and other parts are made difficult to replace without special tools. Some products do not have spare parts made easily […]