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Which Replacement Battery for Your Snuza?

Snuza baby movement monitors are very popular but you might find it increasingly hard to find the correct type of replacement battery to fit your Snuza monitor. Snuza themselves have stopped supplying spare batteries and there have recently been some design changes to the Snuza baby breathing monitors, adding to the confusion. There are now two different types of battery to choose from, both of similar size but incompatible with each other. We have outlined below how to tell what Snuza model you have and how to choose the correct replacement battery.

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Original Snuza Models

The original models of baby movement monitor from Snuza include the Snuza Go, the Snuza Halo and the Snuza Hero, plus the rebranded versions sold as the Levana Oma and Oma+. The easiest way to identify these original models is the absence of the letters “SE” or “MD” on the front label. Click to enlarge the photo:

Snuza Hero/Halo/Go Original no SE or MD

These original Snuza models take a 14250 size battery, and you can buy brand new, long-life replacements through this 14250 battery supplier on eBay.

Replacement Snuza battery CR14250
Replacement Snuza battery (CR14250 size)

SE and MD Snuza Models

Snuza have recently updated their designs and released new versions of the Go and Hero models, called the Go SE, the Hero SE and the Hero MD. Along with other changes, Snuza have changed the size and type of battery that the monitors require. These models have the letters SE or MD in small text marked on the front label of the Snuza. Click to enlarge the photo:

Snuza Hero/Go SE or MD

These SE and MD Snuza models take a CR2 size battery, and you can buy brand new, long-life replacements through this CR2 battery supplier on eBay.

Replacement Snuza battery CR2 size
Replacement Snuza battery (CR2 size)

How To Replace the Battery

To replace the battery inside your Snuza Go, Halo or Hero first unclip the battery cover on the back of the Snuza and remove the cover. Either turn over the Snuza and tap it downwards into your other hand to catch the battery, or pry out the battery with a small implement. Insert the new battery, negative terminal first. Replace the battery cover and turn on your Snuza monitor to check that it is working. You have now successfully changed the battery in your Snuza!

Battery Problems

There have been reports of some Snuza monitors not registering the new battery when it is fitted. A frequent solution to this is to reset the Snuza using the following reset procedure:

  1. With the unit switched off, press the on/off button
  2. As soon as the unit starts its self-test (LEDs light up) press and hold both buttons at the same time
  3. The unit will beep and turn off
  4. Switch the unit on and let it self-test
  5. Test the unit by pressing the rubber sensor gently. The middle LED should light up
  6. Place the unit on a table with no movement and it should alarm
  7. Your Snuza is now ready for use

If your Snuza still shows a new battery as empty then your monitor might have developed a fault (see below.) Test your Snuza with another new battery or have it checked by Snuza. Do not use it with your child.


A small number of Snuza monitors have apparently developed faults whereby they will short out and drain the battery too quickly causing the battery to heat up and the monitor to claim that the battery is empty. See the feedback on Amazon here (and scroll down.) Of course, this is only a small number of reports out of tens of thousands sold but is something to be aware of if your Snuza seems to be having battery problems. Your Snuza monitor is under at least a 1 year guarantee with Snuza, so they should repair any faults that occur within this timeframe for you.

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  1. Battery lasted a long time in our Snuza

  2. Reset procedure did not work with my Snuza. Will only recognize battery if I remove and put battery back in. Energizer CR2 lithium replacement for the Hero SE! Any other troubleshooting tips?

    1. Make sure the metal contacts inside your Snuza’s battery compartment are clean. You can wipe them with a cotton bud or similar. Does the Snuza not recognize the new battery at all?

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