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Which Sunglasses Are Worn On The Mallorca Files?

DC Miranda Blake wearing black sunglasses in The Mallorca Files

The Mallorca Files is this season’s big hit detective TV show, starring Elen Rhys as Detective Miranda Blake and following her on-screen exploits around the beautiful island of Mallorca. One of the questions being asked is what are the sunglasses Miranda wears in The Mallorca Files? And where can I buy them?

Elen Rhys as Miranda Blake wears black sunglasses in The Mallorca Files

The Sunglasses

After much hunting and research we finally found the sunglasses worn by the character DC Miranda Blake in most episodes of series one. They are the not-so-memorably-named Ray-Ban RB2180 in black.

The full model code for these Ray-Ban shades is the RB2180 601/71 49-21. Hopefully you won’t need all those numbers to find the ones you want, because we have a link for where to buy them below!

Where Can I Buy Miranda’s Sunglasses?

You can buy Miranda’s Ray-Ban sunglasses as seen on TV brand new through various authorised sellers on eBay. Use our eBay link here to find an eBay seller you like and order your pair today! Please note that as an eBay Partner we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not change the price you pay.

The Mallorca Files television series is a joint production between the BBC and German channel ZDF. The show is filmed on the Spanish island of Mallorca and stars Elen Rhys and Julian Looman as detectives Miranda Blake and Max Winter who investigate crimes in the island. All episodes in series one and series two have already aired on your TV screens in the UK, although there are no signs of a third series in the works.

Are you interested in any of the sunglasses worn by other characters in The Mallorca Files? Got any interesting observations about the show? Leave your questions and comments below!

11 thoughts on “Which Sunglasses Are Worn On The Mallorca Files?

  1. Any idea on the brand / make featured in Series 1, Episode 8 ‘Death in the Morning’ – during the car journey at the start?

    My wife is very keen on these (rather than more frequently-seen the RB2180, above) and I was hoping to get her a pair – I initially thought they were Ray-Ban’s too (the Erika), but closer comparison shows this isn’t the case…

    Idea’s anyone?



    1. These ones? They don’t seem to have any branding on them unfortunately.

  2. Hi There!

    Thank you for looking – yes, those are the ones and I didn’t see any logo’s etc., either.

    I had a look at the current models from Ray-Ban, Oakley etc. but didn’t see anything the same.

    She might have to ‘settle’ for the RB2180’s… 😉

    Kind regards,


  3. What sunglasses does Max wear in the 6th episode of series 1?

    1. Rayban RB4253

  4. What sunglasses the male partner wears in season 1 ep02 pleaaaaaase.?

    1. Rayban. RB4253

  5. Series 2 is being broadcast now on the BBC and is also on iPlayer!

  6. Hi, does anybody know what brand are Miranda’s clothes?

  7. I’d love to know the brand /style # etc of the tortoishell sunglasses worn by ” miranda ” on the second season episode The Outlaw Jose Rey . Thankyou.

  8. THANKS so much for your research….I just ordered my pair in brown and, yep, it was the last one, so, lucky me. CLARE in California. P.S. COULD WE PLEASE. HAVE A SEASON 3. Long live Blake and Winters!

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