How to Make your LG DVD/Blu-ray Player Region-Free for DVDs

This DVD and Blu-ray player region mod/hack guide will show you how to make your LG DVD player or LG Blu-ray player region-free for DVD playback so it can play DVD discs that are coded for region codes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. This region code hack is also known as a DVD multi-region hack or a region 0 unlock. Unfortunately the hack does not unlock the playback region for Blu-ray discs. If you need zone-free Blu-ray disc playback (zones A, B and C) see our separate Blu-ray region-free page here.


Unlockable LG DVD Players

Some LG DVD players can be unlocked to make them multi-region for region-free playback of DVDs. Below is the list of unlockable LG DVD players.

LG DVD-only Players:
DR175 *
DVD 5063
DVD 5083
DVD 5095
DVD 5183
DVD 5253
DVD 6053
HT253 *
HT333 *
HT963 *
LH-735 *

*Unconfirmed at present but likely to work. Let us know in the comments section below if the disc works for your DVD player.

The disc for DVD players will also unlock the following DVD players from other brands:

  • Aiwa AVJ-X33
  • Aiwa XD-AX36 *
  • JVC XV-N670B
  • Onkyo DV-SP406
  • Sony DAV-D150, DAV-D150G and DAV-SB100 DVD Home Theatre Systems
  • Sony DVP-M50 DVD Player
  • Targa DP-5100x
  • Toshiba SD-4900
  • Zenith DVB216*, DVB312, DVB318, DVB410, DVB412, DVB413, DVR413, DVT412, LHC6238, XBV442, XBX443, ZDV512, ZNV400

Unlockable LG Blu-ray Players

Below is a list of LG Blu-ray players that can be made multi-region for DVD playback. If your player’s model number has extra letters following the numbers below these can be ignored.

Unlockable LG Blu-ray players including UHD 4K, Smart and 3D players, and Home Cinema systems:

BD600 *
BD610 *
BD620 *
BH7440P *
BH7540T *
BH9540 *
BH9540TW *
HB44 *
HB45 *
HB405 *
HB905 *
HB906 *
HB966 *
HB996 *
HR650 *
HR670 *
HR831 *
HR836 *
HR939 *
HR939M *

*Unconfirmed at present but likely to work as these players are internally similar to players known to be unlockable. Let us know in the comments section below if the disc works for your Blu-ray player.

LG Region-Free Method

The way to unlock your LG DVD or Blu-ray player is to set it to Region 0 for DVD disc playback. This can be achieved by putting the player into test mode so it brings up the region setting menu screen. To get into test mode you need to use a specially recorded data CD. Simply load the CD into your player and the test mode will be displayed on screen. Press 0 on your remote control to change the region code. Press pause to exit the menu and save your changes. You can now eject the CD and try out some DVDs from your collection!


Where to Buy

The specially recorded data CDs for making your LG DVD or Blu-ray player region-free for DVD playback are available from the seller below on eBay. Separate CDs are needed depending on whether your player is a Blu-ray player or a DVD-only player. We are not associated with this seller so for any questions about the CD itself please contact the seller through their eBay listing. Links are below. Treat yourself to some films or box-sets while you’re looking too!

Please note that as an eBay Partner we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not change the price you pay.

Please leave any tips, hints and questions about making your LG DVD or Blu-ray player region-free for DVD playback using this CD in the comments section below. Let us know if your player is not on the list but the disc unlocks it!

69 thoughts on “How to Make your LG DVD/Blu-ray Player Region-Free for DVDs

  1. The CD from Ebay worked on my LG BP 250 and mates BP 350.

    1. Great! Thanks for letting us know Dean.

      1. Where did you get the disc? The links are not working… 🙁

        1. The links to the discs should be working now JC.

    2. Hello,

      Are these in the U.K.? I tried clicking on the above link but they won’t ship to Canada.

      Thank and regards,


      1. I believe the discs are sent from the UK. If you contact the seller through the eBay messaging system they might be willing to send to Canada.

      2. I can’t get my dvd player to play region 1 discs. it’s not allowing me to press any numbers. can any help?

        1. What is the make and model number of your player?

      3. Did you eventually manage to find a solution? I only ask because I’m in Canada as well and have encountered the same setback. I just bought an LG BP350 last night and was looking forward to being able to watch a region 4 dvd from the get go but was aware of this technicality. Let me know if you found the right, figurative channel for obtaining this sort of disc.



    3. Brilliant. I’m in Australia and over the moon I’m able to unlock my player now. LG BP350 Thank you Dean.

      1. When was your manufactured? Ours was manufactured in May 2022, and it says only for those before mid-2020. I’m just wondering if I should try it anyways

    4. Can that CD be used more than once, such as on other players, even by other people?

      1. Yes the CD can be re-used in other (compatible) machines.

  2. Looking For Region Free Code for the LG Bluray Model BP 250 Thanks

    1. Your BP250 player can be made region-free by using the CD available through eBay. See the link to eBay above.

      1. Links to discs that make the player dvd region free but not Blu ray region free.

  3. I have an LG UP970 which is 3D 4K. I don’t see it on the list. Does that mean it cannot be unlocked?

    1. [Updated] The LG UP970 is now on the list of supported players.

      1. My dvd player is blue ray disc BP 145 and is not on the list, please show me how to unlock mine

        1. Hi, you will need to contact the eBay seller through eBay to ask about your BP145. It might be supported.

  4. I have n LG Hr936T Blu ray player with HDD, can it be made region free?

    1. Possibly. Give the disc a try and let us know if it works!

  5. Will there be a way to make it region free for blu rays?

    1. For region-free Blu-ray playback you will likely need a hardware modification, or buy a pre-modded player as shown here.

  6. have purchased 2 cd discs from 2 different vendors for LG BP350 manufacture date Aug 2020 both copies Do Not Work. It would appear LG did something different with the Aug 2020 machines different. If any one has managed to get it to work can you let me know please


    1. Are you able to ask the sellers if they have come across this problem before?

    2. I have the LG BP350 and it worked for me, however mine is September 2018.

    3. Just to let you know that I have had it confirmed by the vendor of the CD that is linked on this page that there have been some BP350 not unlocking made around 2020 onwards. It is the same with the BP450. Therefore they cannot guarantee it will work if you buy a new BP350 or BP450. However, a used one manufactured before 2020 is guaranteed. Alternatively have a look at the BP250 as it seems to be unaffected. Hope this helps anyone that is looking to purchase either of these models.

  7. I’m a little confused. There seems to be a disc to make select LG Blu Ray players region free, but then what is this hard-mod stuff I see? The mod for blu ray players indicates that players cannot be made region free with a special disc, yet there is a special disc with verbiage saying it can make blu-ray players region free. I am in the US, my model is listed as being able to be region free, the LG UBK90, I want to buy some blu-rays (anime) for sale in the UK and play them.

    1. Blu-ray players can play back both Blu-ray discs and DVD discs. This page and the custom remote mentioned are for making players region-free for DVD playback. Making players region-free for Blu-ray discs is much more difficult and usually involves a hardware modification i.e. installing a mod-chip. See our Blu-ray playback region-free page for details on that.

  8. What about LG UP870?

    1. Probably, as it’s so similar to the UP970. Contact the eBay seller as they are very helpful.

  9. tried a region 1 disc after following the instructions above, unfortunately didn’t work. I have an LG Blu-ray and DVD player that is one of the ones listed above

    1. Perhaps the unlocking disc you ordered is faulty. Did the unlocking disc come with instructions?

  10. The CD worked on my BP550.

  11. Hello, I have an LG 3D Bluray Player and I want to get it region code free. But my Modell BP430 isn’t shown on the supported list. Can you tell if there is a way to make it code free for DVD’s?

    1. It’s possible that both the BP430 and the similar BP530 can be made region-free with this disc. If you contact the seller through eBay they will be able to help. Let us know how you get on!

  12. Hi !

    I am confused. I have a BP650 from region 2 and would like to convert it on region 1. Should I purchase the ebay CD ? Would it woks ?

    1. Do you mean the portable BP650 or the standalone BD650? The CD will unlock your region 2 BD650 to play DVDs from any region, including region 1.

  13. Can LG DV582H be unlocked?

    1. Possibly. If you contact the disc seller through eBay they will be able to help.

  14. The article and instructions are for anybody that IS NOT IN THE USA. It clearly states that the seller via Ebay does not and will not sell the data CD to any consumer in the USA with the following bold red statement: This item doesn’t post to United States.

  15. Can LG UBK80 be unlocked?

    1. Hi Bill, yes the UBK80 can be unlocked using this disc (it’s near the bottom of the Blu-ray players list).

  16. My LG UHD player seems to require a 4-digit code to unlock the region lock. It has a place to enter and verify 4 digits and the only code I’ve seen is a simplification of pi, 314159, which is 6 digits, or 2 too many 🙂

    1. Hi Colin, that sounds like the child-lock or parental control function. What is the model number of your UHD player?

  17. I have a LG BP450 and need to be unlocked the DVD, cause those cartoon DVDs borrowed from Library are from region 1. Any kind soul can borrow your “unblock CD” instead ? TIA.🙏

    1. Hi Jack, you could buy the CD and then sell it on after using it. Personal contact info can’t be posted and exchanged here unfortunately.

    Read the small print on the ebay links. Will not work on North American (REGION 1)
    players. Hence, they will not ship to North America.

    1. I now wonder if the hack disc will work for me. I have a Mexico Blu-Ray unit, so unfortunately the DVD player is locked into only Region 4 — yet nearly all my DVDs are Region 1.

  19. se puede desbloquear un lg bh7430?

    1. The unlocking disc will probably work on the LG BH7430 because it works on similar models. If you send an Ebay message to the seller they can advise you.

  20. Hi, I have a LOGIK L2HDVD12A DVD player and need to unlock the region so I can watch any DVDs, I’ve tried the unlock codes I’ve found online but none are working for me, any help would be great.

    1. Sorry, this disc works on LG players only.

  21. So the CD will only change the DVD Region Code but leave the Blu-Ray Area Code untouched? Is there a special CD for changing the Blu-Ray code?

    1. There is no disc to change the Blu-ray zone. This can only be achieved using a mod-chip or by buying a pre-modified player.

  22. I have an LGB655NW (home theater – blue ray – latin american zone) and can not play my US and European DVD’s. Can this miraculous disk fix the problem?

    1. I am not sure if the disc will work on your South American (DVD Region 4) blu-ray player. You will need to contact the seller through eBay. Is your model number LHB655NW ?

      1. Correct, my mistake. It is an LHB655NW from LG. The Blu-ray function is not important, but after having lived and worked in other regions I have a few DVD’s that can not be played.

  23. I have a UBK80 that seems to have suddenly stopped playing half my dvds and blurays. It was fine for a year then suddenly started rejecting them. Would this disc resolve this or have I possibly got some other fault? It seems to have an area code (settings:lock) but this is 2 letters (currently UK).
    I’m UK based. Also, can I purchase elsewhere than ebay? Thank you.

    1. It sounds like it might be a dirty lens or a laser issue.

      1. Thank you, I’ll have a go with a cleaning disc first then. Will get a region disc if/when I get it back up and running. Appreciate the advice.

  24. hi, i thought the BP250 was supposed to be region free, but it won’t play dvd’s from outside region 2. do i need to buy this cd you have linked?

    thank you

    1. No Blu-ray players are region-free from the factory. They must all be unlocked after manufacture. The LG BP250 is listed as compatible with the unlocking CD so this should get you up and running with other region DVD playback.

  25. I have network 3d blu ray disc dvd player bp645 on the back of it it’s region 2 and region b. Would I be able to change this into a multi region player because In the settings there’s a lock setting saying region code but lets me chnage it but only to letters not numbers but it’s double letter so from a to z. Can you please help me ?

    1. Hi Owen, yes you can use the unlocking disc to make it region-free for DVD discs. If you want to unlock it to be region-free for Blu-ray discs see our Blu-ray region-free page here.

      1. Thank you so much I will be ordering one from eBay tonight

  26. Hello
    I have a Panasonic DP-UB424 and like to have him regionsfree for DVD and BluRay.
    Second i have a Samsung BD-F5100EN i also like to have him regionsfree but don`t found many help in the Internet.
    How can you help me ? I’am from Germany and GB is far away Please send me some suggestions.
    I’am fit in soldering and i repaired many electronic things. (NO SMD Technik)
    Hope to here from you
    Greetings Kurt

    1. See our Blu-ray region-free page for some options making your Panasonic and Samsung players region free. As you are in Germany you might need to find a modifying service in the EU. Alternatively, sell your players and buy new players which are pre-modified.

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