Karcher Window Vac Spare Parts

The Karcher Window Vac has been an incredibly popular innovation, and Karcher have produced many variations of the original Window Vac. As your Window Vac gets older it is likely to need the occasional spare part. On this page we list some of the most common spare parts you might need such as a replacement blade, battery, charger or motor.


Please read on for descriptions of some of the most popular Window Vac spare parts, along with where to buy them.

For instructions on how to open up your Karcher Window Vac to replace any internal parts please see our online Window Vac Repair Guide here.

Which Window Vac Do I Have?

First you need to determine which model of Window Vac you have. The easiest way is to find the WV model number marked on the vacuum handle. In the example below the window vacuum is marked model WV 2 behind the water reservoir (top centre of all the text). Click the photo to enlarge it.


Window Vac models manufactured by Karcher over the years include:

  • WV1
  • WV2
  • WV5
  • WV6
  • WV50
  • WV51
  • WV52
  • WV55
  • WV60
  • WV70
  • WV71
  • WV75
  • Including the following special editions of the above models:
    • Basic
    • Black Edition
    • Classic
    • Easy
    • Pink Ribbon
    • Plus
    • Plus N
    • Premium
    • Premium Plus
    • White
    • 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Part Interchangeability

Most spare parts for Window Vacs will only fit the WV model they are specified for. However, some spares will fit many models such as the internal rechargeable battery and the chargers. Make sure you check before buying the spare part that it will fit your WV model.

Please note that as an eBay Partner we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not change the price you pay.

Available Spare Parts

Below we list some of the commonly required spare parts for Karcher Window Vacs, including spare blades, water tanks, replacement motors, replacement batteries and new chargers.

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Blades/Squeegees/Rubber Lips
Suction Nozzles/Heads
Water Tanks/Reservoirs
Tank caps/plugs

Replacement Batteries

Apart from the WV5 model which has a clip-on external battery, most Window Vacs have an internal rechargeable battery. A guide to replacing the internal battery is available on our Window Vac battery replacement page here.

Internal Window Vac Batteries


Replacement internal batteries that fit most Window Vac models (except the WV5) are available to buy through our Karcher Window Vac battery shop page.

WV5 External Batteries

The WV5 Window Vac has an external clip-on battery as pictured below.


Replacement batteries for your WV5 Window Vac are available from the following sellers:


Also called squeegee blades, rubber lips or wipers, spare blades are available in various lengths to fit the different width nozzles attached to Window Vacs. They come in 170mm, 250mm and 280mm lengths so measure your original blade before ordering!


New Window Vac blades are available from the following sellers:


You can easily lose or damage the charger for your Karcher Window Vac, and they can also fail or burn out internally. As with anything that plugs into the high-voltage mains supply of your home it is important for safety reasons to only use genuine chargers or those made by reputable third-parties. Make sure it has the correct mains plug for your country and the correct plug for your Window Vac


Genuine Karcher Window Vac chargers are available new and used from the following sellers:


The electric motor inside your Window Vac can sometimes wear out, seize or fail, especially if there is water ingress around the bearing. Different models were fitted with slightly different versions of motor so make sure the motor you buy fits your Window Vac model. You might be able to match the part number, which in the example below is 6.654-002.0


Replacement Window Vac motors are available from the following sellers:


The neck section of your Window Vac can crack or break if dropped. This piece fits between the main body of the Window Vac and the full-width nozzle and separates the water from the air.


Replacement neck pieces are available to buy from the following sellers:

  • Window Vac neck/separator on eBay UK
  • Window Vac neck/separator on eBay.com
  • Window Vac neck/separator on eBay DE

Suction Nozzles/Heads

The nozzle (suction head) of your Window Vac can crack or break if dropped. You can also buy a head of a different width to help you clean more efficiently, either a smaller one to get into tight spaces or a wider one to help clean wider areas of glass faster.


Replacement nozzles are available to buy from the following sellers:


The power switch of your Window Vac can sometimes fail which means you can’t turn on the appliance. Different WV models has different switches fitted, including some with a light inside them.


Replacement Window Vac power switches are available to buy from the following sellers:

  • Window Vac power switches on eBay UK
  • Window Vac power switches on eBay.com
  • Window Vac power switches on eBay DE


The water collection tank of Window Vac machines can sometimes crack or split and then leak water all over you or the floor.


Replacement water tanks are available to buy from the following sellers:

The tank caps are also available separately:


Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions, hints or tips about Karcher Window Vac spare parts!

10 thoughts on “Karcher Window Vac Spare Parts

  1. Hi!
    Do you sell the complete motor/battery housing with switch for WV2 Karcher Window cleaner?
    I dont have the facilities for soldering a new battery in etc.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sally, you might have a friend, relative or colleague who can lend you a soldering iron or carry out the battery replacement for you. Otherwise you’ll need to buy a whole new Window Vac. The WV5 has a removable battery that just unclips so that might be a good choice for future-proofing. The WV5 is available new on eBay here.

  2. Just replaced battery on Karcher W50 using your guide. Have to say wish all ‘fix it yourself’ guides were up to your standard. Easy to follow and explained so simply. Oh and by the way the delivery service for the replacement battery was excellent. Your company is now in my ‘Favorites’ folder for future reference. Many thanks.

  3. Unable to locate the Karcher power switches on eBay

    1. The sellers must have sold out currently. Another option is to buy a faulty Window Vac of the same version as yours and take the switch off that.

  4. Where to buy 1 motor flat in two places, not round, for Kracher WV2 to buy?

  5. The links here do not match, for example, a motor for the Kracher WV2 or the switch for the same product. Why can’t I get it right, I don’t see now motor or for example, the switch.

    //Roger Blix.

    1. Karcher do not sell any spare parts. Sometimes other businesses sell some spare parts taken from dismantled Window Vacs. If there are no motors or switches available on Ebay then no-one has any to sell 🙁

  6. Hello!
    Can anyone help me with my Kracher WV2.
    I had used it and cleaned a large window, I loaded it up and put it in storage. When I later took out my Kracher again and wanted to polish some mirrors. Then it was stone dead, measured and thought about what happened, I don’t know.
    Anyone have any idea what could be wrong.
    There are two circuits that I have measured and they are these two:
    MAX6466XR46-T which I don’t quite know.. the Ultra-Low-Power Voltage Detectors and µP Supervisory Citcuits.
    S-8211CAZ-M5T1G: This circuit handles discharge & charge..
    I have ordered these two and possibly should I replace them.
    Hoping for answers to my questions!!!

    //Roger Blix

    1. The fault where the Window Vac discharges the battery when the machine is switched off is quite common. It is likely to be from water damage to the PCB or to the components. You might need to replace the whole PCB.

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