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BT Baby Monitors – Which Replacement Batteries?

Finding the correct size of replacement rechargeable battery for your BT baby monitor can be difficult because although they appear to be a standard AA size rechargeable Ni-MH battery, they are not! Please see below for a full explanation and information on where to get the correct size replacement batteries for your BT baby monitor.

bt-300-baby-monitor-battery bt-250-baby-monitor-battery

BT Baby Monitor Models

This battery information applies to various BT baby monitors, including:

  • BT 100, 200, 300 and 400 baby monitors
  • BT 150, 250, 350 and 450 baby monitors
  • BT Monitor and Pacifier model
  • BT Digital, DECT and Plus baby monitors

Let us know in the comments section below if you have a different model that this applies to.

The Rechargeable Batteries

BT baby monitors as standard have been supplied with rechargeable batteries made by GP Batteries. The battery compartments in the parent units are sized slightly short so that only rechargeable batteries will fit. Why? Because if you were to fit non-rechargeable AA batteries to the parent unit and then put it on the charger the non-rechargeable batteries would start to overheat, damage the parent unit and potentially cause a fire!

This is why many types of rechargeable AA battery won’t fit in your BT parent unit – the batteries are made to the maximum allowable length for AA batteries. This is fine for putting the batteries in devices that will take either non-rechargeable or rechargeable batteries. However, for devices such as baby monitors that are only designed to take rechargeables, only rechargeable batteries that are made to slightly shorter specification will fit.

Which Replacement Batteries Will Fit?

Let’s take a look at the original rechargeable batteries that came with your BT Baby Monitor. These were all 1300mAh capacity Ni-MH type AA batteries made by GP and had the same part number 130AAHC marked on them. As you can see from the photos below, GP have updated the design of the label over the years. Check the part number on the batteries that came in your monitor too.

'Industrial' version of GP 130AAHC battery for BT baby monitors
‘Industrial’ version of GP 130AAHC battery for BT baby monitors
'Gold' version of GP 130AAHC battery for BT baby monitors
‘Gold’ version of GP 130AAHC battery for BT baby monitors
'Orange' version of GP 130AAHC battery for BT baby monitors
‘Orange’ version of GP 130AAHC battery for BT baby monitors
'Series' version of GP 130AAHC battery for BT baby monitors
‘Series’ version of GP 130AAHC battery for BT baby monitors

These days the 1300mAh capacity is not the highest available but it is still sufficient to run your baby monitor for many hours and, as we’ve found, other replacements are made slightly physically longer so won’t actually fit in the battery compartment!

The latest incarnation of GP’s 130AAHC battery is known as the ReCyko 1300. This is still the correct voltage, capacity, type (Ni-MH) and length to fit your in your baby monitor so makes it the ideal replacement battery.

Green ReCyko 1300 version of GP 130AAHC batteries for BT Baby Monitors
Green ReCyko 1300 version of GP 130AAHC batteries for BT Baby Monitors

Occasionally BT supplied Sanik Ni-MH rechargeable AA batteries labelled Sanik HR15/51 and these can be replaced with the GP ReCyko 1300 batteries shown above.

Where to Buy the Batteries for your BT Baby Monitor

We have tracked down some brand new genuine GP 130AAHC ReCyko 1300 batteries which are available on eBay here. As well as fitting your BT baby monitor they will also fit some BT cordless phones. If you also buy a spare set you can keep one set in the drawer fully charged and ready to use for when the ones in your parent unit go flat unexpectedly. Click here or on the image below to buy a set of batteries for your BT baby monitor now!

Please note that as an eBay Partner we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not change the price you pay.


Please leave any hints and tips, comments and questions below. Let us know how you got on bringing your BT baby monitor back to life!

18 thoughts on “BT Baby Monitors – Which Replacement Batteries?

  1. Hi, we have a BT 350 baby monitor which I think needs new batteries but when I took the battery cover off, the batteries are Sanik HR15/51 AA’s, not GP batteries. Do you know if these can be purchased from somewhere (I can’t seem to find them) or if the GP batteries will also fit? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi John, Yes these GP 1300 batteries will fit in your BT350 baby monitor to replace the Sanik HR15/51 AA batteries. I’ve updated the page to mention this too.

  2. My monitor has been Charging and has become very hot, i opened it and the batteries were extremely hot and the unit wouldn’t turn on. I would probably buy new gp rechargeable batteries but can you use normal ones in the meantime like duracell or any other solution?

    1. Hi, It sounds like your old rechargeable batteries have finally died. You will find that standard non-rechargeable batteries won’t physically fit in the baby monitor. This is so that you can’t accidentally put the unit on to charge with non-rechargeable batteries fitted, which could cause overheating.

      1. Iv been using non chargables as the recharging ones aren’t working even though I bought new GP ones

        1. It sounds like the charging mains adapter is not working. If you’ve managed to force non-rechargeables into the unit then under no circumstances put the unit in its charging dock as non-rechargeable batteries will overheat if you try to charge them!

  3. Hi, I have the BT Digital Baby monitor and pacifier – globe, purple & white. Cant find a model number, item code is 058298
    I have discarded the old batteries thinking they were normal rechargeable batteries, which like you say don’t fit in the handset. Which ones do I actually need?

    1. Hi Jenita, The BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier uses the same 1300mAh batteries as mentioned in the article. They are available through the eBay link in the “Where to Buy” section above here. Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for the information!

  5. Hi, can I use Duracell Rechargeable batteries in my BT baby monitor. They are also 1300 nimh. Thanks

    1. It’s the length that is the issue. The particular GP batteries discussed here are slightly shorter so will fit in the baby monitors. Let us know if the Duracells fit or not.

  6. Thanks for the useful info!

  7. Hi, we bought the BT monitor & pacifier second hand that came with our batteries. I bought the recommended batteries off eBay but they dont seem to charge in the hand set. I have tested the hand set with non-rechargeable and it works fine. Any suggestions? Many thanks

    1. Hi Emma, it could be the charging plug that came with it. This could be faulty or the wrong one. Also, the new batteries should have come pre-charged. Did the unit run when they were fitted? If not then get back to the seller via eBay.

  8. Hi can the by 300 unit be used with mains unit connected and the rechargeable batteries removed on a temporary basis

    1. Possibly, but it would be best to leave the rechargeable batteries in it whilst it’s connected to the mains, even if the batteries no longer hold a charge.

  9. Hi,

    I have a 400 monitor. Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries fit fine. They are larger capacity (2400). Does it make a difference? I can just use those?

    1. If they physically fit then they will work. Most Ni-MH rechargeables over 1300mAh capacity are physically longer and won’t fit in BT baby monitors.

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