Waterpik Flosser Spare Parts

There are a wide range of Waterpik cordless dental water flossers available and many of them require an occasional spare part to keep them running, especially parts such as replacement tips, the battery and the motor.

Waterpik WP-450 battery replacement guide

Below we list some of the parts used in various Waterpik water flossers and show you where to buy replacements.

For instructions on how to open your Waterpik to fit replacement parts see our online repair guides here.

Which Waterpik Flosser Do I Have?

First you need to determine which model of Waterpik you have. The easiest way is to find the WP or WF model number marked on the flosser. In the example below the flosser is marked model WP-450 behind the reservoir. Below that is the serial number and a localised part number (WP450UK in this case.) You can generally ignore any letters after the numbers as these refer to your geographic region.

Waterpik WP-450 flosser model number

Part Interchangeability

Parts for Waterpik flossers are generally interchangeable between flossers that share the first 2 digits after the WP- in their part number. The third digit usually only indicates the colour. So, for example, within the WP-460 series your flosser might be a WP-462 but it will use the same parts as the WP-463, WP-464 and so on. Bear this in mind when looking for spare parts for your flosser.

The WP-440, WP-450 and WP-460 series are generally identical apart from colour. Listed below are some of the Waterpik Cordless Flosser series available:

  • WF-02 Cordless Express Water Flosser (AA battery powered)
    • WF-02A, WF-02A011, WF-02C, WF-02C010, WF-02EU, WF-02EU011, WF-02UK, WF-02UK010, WF-02W, WF-02W010 (white), WF-02W012 (black)
  • WF-03 Cordless Freedom Water Flosser (AA battery powered)
    • WF-03A, WF-03A010, WF-03EU, WF-03EU010, WF-03UK, WF-03UK010, WF-03CD, WF-03CD010 (white), WF-03CD012 (black)
  • WF-10 Cordless Select series with magnetic USB charging
    • WF-10C, WF-10EU, WF-10EU010, WF-10UK, WF-10UK010, WF-10W, WF-10W010 (white), WF-10W012 (black)
  • WP-300 Cordless Water Flosser series
    • WP-350, WP-360, WP-360W, WP-365
  • WP-400 series
    • WP-440 Cordless Professional Water Flosser
      • WP-440 (white/grey), WP-440W
    • WP-450 Cordless Plus Water Flosser
      • WP-450 (white/blue), WP-450A, WP-450B, WP-450C, WP-450E, WP-450EU, WP-450E1, WP-450UK, WP-450W, WP-455
    • WP-460 Ultra Cordless Plus Water Flosser
      • WP-460, WP-460UK, WP-460W, WP-461, WP-462 (black), WP-462A, WP-462B, WP-462E, WP-462E1, WP-463 (classic blue), WP-464, WP-465 (orchid purple), WP-466, WP-467, WP-468 (mint green)
    • WP-470 Cordless Water Flosser
      • WP-470, WP-470UK
  • WP-500 series with magnetic induction charging
    • WP-560 Cordess Advanced Water Flosser
      • WP-560, WP-560A, WP-560E, WP-560EU, WP-560UK, WP-561, WP-562 (black), WP-562A, WP-562EU, WP-563 (blue), WP563EU, WP-564 (pink), WP-565 (orchid purple), WP-566 (teal), WP-567 (grey/gray), WP-568, WP-569 (rose gold)

Available Spare Parts

Below we list some of the commonly required spare parts for Waterpik water flossers, including spare tips, water tanks, replacement motors, replacement flosser batteries and new chargers.


The water jet tips for your Waterpik are pretty universal across all Waterpik water flossers. The replacement tips are available on eBay from the following suppliers:

Water Reservoir Tank

The plastic reservoir tank on your Waterpik flosser can often start to go cloudy and can also suffer from a build-up of limescale or mould from the water. The plastic can also crack meaning that the water reservoir leaks. Lids can also break. You can replace your reservoir with one of a different colour as long as it is from the same model series to make sure that it fits.


Replacement Waterpik reservoir tanks and lids are available to buy on eBay from the following suppliers:

Reservoir Tank Plug

The filler door/stopper cap that covers the water filling hole in the reservoir tank can easily break or snap off and get lost. This cover plug seals the reservoir to stop water leaking out during use.


Replacement reservoir tank plugs are available to buy on eBay from the following suppliers:


The motor is the heart of your Waterpik as it drives the pump using the electrical energy stored in the battery. This Waterpik WP-450 was fitted with a Mabuchi FC-280SA-3540 motor:

Make sure that your replacement motor comes with the correct gear attached. Otherwise you will need to use a miniature gear puller to remove the gear from your old motor and press it onto the shaft of your new motor. Replacement motors are available to buy on eBay from the following suppliers:

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable batteries have a limited service-life so at some point you will need to replace the rechargeable battery inside your flosser. We have a comprehensive battery replacement guide for the Waterpik WP-400 series (including WP-450 and WP-460 models) available online here.

Waterpik WP-450 battery replacement

Replacement Ni-MH batteries for certain Waterpik water flossers are available to buy via our shopping page here.


There are a few thing to consider when buying a replacement charger for your cordless Waterpik flosser.

The easiest way to get the correct replacement charger is to buy one with matching part number marked on the charger. This is generally a model number starting YL or U marked on your existing AC adaptor.

North American spec charger for Waterpik flossers

If you do not have your original Waterpik charger because it has been lost and you need to find a new one then make sure you buy a new charger with the following specifications:

  1. It must have the correct physical mains plug for connecting to your domestic electrical supply, and the correct input voltage.
  2. It must have the correct output plug or induction connector for connecting to your Waterpik flosser (there are several types)
  3. It must have the correct output voltage, current and current type (AC or DC)

The most common charger type in North America is the YLA-03010 available in white or black. This is an AC/AC adaptor. It has a 2-pin mains input plug to suit US/Canadian wall sockets. The rated input is 120V AC at 60Hz with an output of 3V AC (∿) at 100mA current. This charger will fit most WP-400 series Waterpik flossers which have D Type sockets, apart from some older versions of the WP-450 which had a triangular connector socket known as the M type on the front.

D Type connector used on most Waterpik cordless flossers:


M Type connector used on some older versions of the WP-450 flosser:


Other charger part numbers for North America include YL-35-030100A and U030010A12, the latter of which comes with a triangular M type plug to fit the flosser. These both have an output of 3V AC at 100mA.

In Europe the chargers are AC/DC rather than AC/AC adaptors and are rated at 220V to 240V AC input voltage at 50Hz and have a 3V DC (⎓) output at 100mA current. For example, the part number for the UK model Waterpik charger is YL-35-030100D. Below is a photo of the continental European Waterpik charger with 2-pin Europlug AC input plug and D type output plug for the flosser.

Continental European spec charger for Waterpik flossers

There was also a charger for early versions of the WP-360 flosser. This charger has a cylindrical barrel connector plug to plug into the Waterpik. These are no longer manufactured but you might be able to adapt a later model of charger to work with your flosser by fitting a barrel plug to it. Check the electrical specifications of your original charger first!

Charger for Waterpik WP-360 with barrel plug

Some cordless Waterpik models have a magnetic induction charger connection or a USB charger.

Replacement Waterpik chargers for all countries are available on eBay from the following suppliers:

If you cannot find a compatible charger using the eBay link above then contact your local Waterpik distributor whose details are on this list. Let us know in the comments below which distributor was able to help you and your country.

If you cannot find a new charger with the type of connector you require, one possibility is to buy a new one with a different connector then ask an electrically competent person to cut the cable and plug off your old charger and attach it to the new charger. This only applies to chargers with the barrel-type, D-type and M-type plugs, but not the magnetic (USB powered) or induction connectors.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, information or tips about replacement spare parts for the Waterpik water flosser range.

48 thoughts on “Waterpik Flosser Spare Parts

  1. Hello. I can’t find the D Type connector I bought my waterpik flousser in Florida but I need an European charger to connect my product in France. Can you send me a link? I can’t find something in eBays.
    Thank you.

    1. Try contacting waterpik.nl for a European 2-pin charger.

  2. Cuanto tiempo tarda en cargar la bateria

    1. The original battery takes 24 hours for a full charge. Our upgrade 1800mAh battery takes 30 hours. You can interrupt the charge to use the Waterpik.

  3. Hi. I need a charger that is compatible with New Zealand power supply.


    1. Hi Jenny, are there NZ contact details on the box or instructions? If not, try sales@pharmabroker.co.nz

  4. Where do you find the serial number on a 460m

    1. The serial number for the WP-460M is marked on the back behind the water reservoir. Unclip the reservoir at the bottom and slide the reservoir down to reveal the serial number and model number.

  5. Do you sell replacement M type sockets? The pins on mine have corroded.

    1. Sorry, we don’t sell the Waterpik charging sockets. You might be able to clean up the pins using cotton buds (Q-tips) and alcohol.

  6. Hello Good Morning!

    I`m from Brazil.
    I bought one WP 450 and the motor is damaged . I need the one spare parts.
    The model motor is FC-280SA-3540.
    Could you tell me, how I can buy the new motor ?\

    Than you
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Leandro, You need to find a seller who will send to Brazil, or a friend or relative in a country that they will send it to. Alternatively, a hobby shop (model cars, model planes) that is local to you might have a suitable replacement motor, for example a 3V 280 motor with flat sides.

  7. Hi
    Looking for a D type euro connector . WP 450
    Lost mine when I traveled.
    I’m from israel where can I buy one ?

    1. If you can’t find a Europlug Waterpik charger on eBay then try contacting your local Waterpik distributor, or a nearby one. They are on the following list:
      Let us know how you get on!

    2. Hey Tsachi,
      Did you manage to find a charger in IL?
      have a link to share maybe?


  8. Hi,
    I’ve got the waterpik model WP-450 purchased in the US. I need to use it in Israel (220v 50hz)
    I see that the EU version of the charger is ac\dc adapter rather than the ac\ac adapter that came with my device. are they interchangeable? can I use a 3v dc input to the device?


  9. I have a waterpik WP-462E/UK and use it in UK. I am travelling to USA.
    1) Can I know the specs for the US charger that I need to use this flosser?
    2) Where can I get it from?
    3) can I use a charger that has an output of 3V AC 100mA in USA with the WP-462E/UK?

    1. It’s strange that the 120V (North America) spec chargers have AC output and the 230V (European) spec chargers have DC output. Your waterpik flosser is designed for DC input so perhaps a third-party charger such as this one on Amazon US which is 100-240V input and 3V DC output would be suitable. You might even be able to get it delivered to where you’ll be staying in the USA.

  10. Just replaced the batteries and charged the Waterpik for some 36 hours. Then, the Waterpik 450 Flosser started making a Loud Screeching Noise! After running several full tanks of water, it was still loud and screeching! I took it apart to look for some gear/motor issues. It looked good. The noise seemed to come from the little Pump Assembly! Why would this start just after the change of batteries? I tried to lube (petroleum jelly)the internal Pump sleeve. It seemed to work with no water pumping through the flosser. As soon as I filled the tank and started it, the loud noise returned!! What gives? Can I buy just the Pump Assembly?

  11. Hello , I have two Waterpik type : WP-450 . If its possible , I need the mounting-drawing from the O-ring with diameter 16 mm intern / 23mm extern x 2mm . Can you send me by e-mail this mounting-drawing ? Thank you .
    Hartmut Reinicke

    1. Hi Hartmut, I’m not sure what you mean by mounting-drawing. Can you describe the problem you have? Have you lost the O-ring that seals the reservoir filling flap?

  12. Several people have asked the question already, but there is no answer. Does anyone know:

    Can one use US and EU chargers interchangeably (with proper voltage transformers)? That is, if the flosser is designed for 3V AC input, will it work with 3V DC, and vice versa?( I suppose it should not, but I forgot my physics….)

    To be even more precise, if one has a US model, will it work with an EU charger? Conversely, if one has a EU model, will it work with a US charger?

    1. Without seeing the insides of a North American spec Waterpik it’s hard to say what, if any, rectification circuitry is inside it to turn the AC input into a DC charging current. The European spec WP-450 which is supplied with a DC charger just has one inline diode to protect against reverse polarity connection. In theory this would half rectify an AC input, but is not smooth or efficient. Do you have a North American spec Waterpik Gena?

      1. Yes. In part because they are so much cheaper in Canada than in Europe.

  13. Is there battery replacement for wp-560 series?

    1. Yes I am sure we have a suitable battery. But we need to see some photos of the battery from your WP-560 to ensure it is the correct replacement. Can you email a photo or two of your battery to contact@toothbrushbattery.com for us?

  14. Hi, how can I clean the right hand probe contact on the D type connector, it has become discoloured while the left one is still clean. I have tried electrical contact cleaner which cleans it a little but not to a shiny standard, it is charging the 450 but I don’t want gunk to interfere with it.

    1. If you’ve rubbed the pin with electrical contact cleaner that’s probably as good as it will get. The brass pin may have tarnished but the charger should still be working.

  15. Can you tell me the What is the difference between the waterpik water flosser model WP-470W & Water flosser
    WP-450W/WP-450C ? The 470w is gray & white the 450w is blue & white .
    I had bought the 470w brand new when I first turned it on the noise was unbearable I called waterpik after much going back & forth they mailed me a new one which is the 450w -which this one does not make the loud noise.

    1. Hi Robin, The only difference between the WP-450 and WP-470 models is the colour. You might be able to repair the WP-470W by lubricating the mechanicals and pump seals with some food-safe lubricant, for example petroleum-jelly (vaseline).

  16. Can you supply the M style charger for my 450 Waterpik unit?

    1. You will need to use the link in the article above to find one on eBay as Waterpik chargers with the M-style plug are no longer made. Alternatively, buy one with the D-style plug and fit the plug from your old charger to it.

  17. Hi.
    I have a WP-462 Water Flosser I bought in Miami. I live in an area where the water is kind of hard, so my water flosser lost power. I took apart the unit to clean it thoroughly, and put it back together again. When I did so, the motor ran with much more power, but no air or water came out. I may have a made i mistake when putting it back together, but it doesn’t seem this way. Can anyone provide me some feedback on this?

    1. It sounds like some of the drivetrain between the motor and the pump has been disconnected. Check the gears and connecting rods, and turn the motor by hand to make sure everything is meshed and connected correctly.

  18. I’ve got an older wp-360 and lost the charger. It does NOT have the two prong charging hole, it just has one circular. What kind of charger am I looking for? The hole is quite tiny, and has one circular prong set inside.

    1. The chargers with the barrel plug are long out of production. If you can’t find one on eBay then buy a newer style of Waterpik charger and cut the plug off then fit a barrel plug. An appliance repairer might do this for you.

  19. I have a WP 450 flosser. It is leaking from the latch release. Is there a gasket its missing?

    1. On The WP-450 flossers there is a seal inside the reservoir hole where the suction pipe on the flosser body enters the reservoir. Is this seal missing or dirty on your reservoir?

  20. I need a replacement handle for series 900 water pic brush.

  21. I need a charger for the WP-460W. Where can I get one? I think it is the M type. Can you help me please.

    1. Yes you can find where to buy a replacement charger for your Waterpik WP-460W in the chargers section above. If you cannot find a new charger with the M-type connector you could buy one with a D-type connector then get an electrically competent person to cut the cable and plug off your old charger and attach it to the new charger.

  22. Possible I am out of context place, but I have an waterpik wp-660. I need to buy/replace the AC/DC Adaptor Model: XKD P 1500IC 12.0 18w Input: ac 100-240v 50/80hz 1A Max Output: DC 12v 1,5A. Where I can get, in the world, this part of this machine ?
    (The machine is not working because of this AC/DC adaptor.)
    Need help.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. See our note at the bottom of the chargers section about finding your local distributor if you have no success in finding one on eBay.

  23. I need 2 little tiny check valve washers i took it apart 3 times works great for a while then the little washer fails and not much pressure

  24. I have a portable WaterPik and need to change the batteries but can’t seem to find out how to do this! Can you help me change the battery. It was working fine then stopped! Can you help me?

    1. We have a guide to replacing the batteries in the WP-400 series on our web page here.

  25. For the Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser (Model WF-10W010) with magnetic USB charger, where can I find a replacement charger? I lost mine and now can’t find it online anywhere on Google search. If available in US , San Jose, or online, would appreciate a link. Thanks

    1. There are a couple of WF-10 chargers that currently show up under the eBay link in the chargers section above. When you’ve got to eBay you can also search for YLJXE-T050100 as the charger part number.

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