YouView Box Hard Drive Replacement

In this guide we show you how to repair your BT or Plusnet YouView box by replacing the hard disk drive (HDD) inside it. This will cure the clicking/buzzing fault that stops your YouView box from booting up due to a failed hard drive.


This guide covers the 500Gb models made by Humax for BT and Plusnet. These are labelled underneath with the Model Name of either DTR-T2100, DTR-T2110 or DTR-T2120. This might also applicable to the similar looking 4K Ultra HD BT YouView boxes (DTR-T4000) which have a 1TB hard drive fitted. You might also be able to upgrade your 500Gb box to a 1Tb hard drive or higher and although this has not been tested by us, our readers have reported success.


Note: Replacing the hard drive in your YouView box means you will lose all the recordings on your old hard drive. This is obvious if the old hard disk is broken, but if you are just upgrading your box with a larger hard drive the new drive will become ‘married’ to the box and your original drive will become ‘unmarried’. If you put the original drive back in the YouView box later it might be wiped and reformatted automatically.

Opening the YouView Box

First off, disconnect all cables from your YouView box and using a cross-head (Philips) screwdriver remove the screw on the back panel above the SCART socket.


Turn the box over so it is bottom up and using a knife peel off the warranty sticker shown below:


Remove the four screws then turn the box the right way up before removing the lid.


Carefully lift the lid up pivoting at the front of the box, revealing the insides, but don’t yank the cable connecting the lid to the PCB!


Gently disconnect the plug for cable from the lid where it connects to the main PCB. Squeezing the plug should release the latch on it.


Now you can see the original YouView hard drive. AV grade drives for audio-video usage are fitted to these boxes, designed to be quiet with low energy consumption but also supporting the recording and playback of multiple, simultaneous, high-definition, video data streams.


YouView Box Hard Drive Models

Below is a photo of the original YouView drive which is a 500Gb Western Digital disk from their AV-25 range. These are audio-visual drives and as you can see from the datasheet here they are very quiet and consume little power. The part number for the 500Gb drive is WD5000LUCT and the drives are still available brand new from eBay here.


Some boxes were fitted with a Seagate 500Gb drive instead, part number ST500VT000. These are also AV grade drives and are available online through eBay here.

1Tb versions of the Western Digital and Seagate drives are available along with Toshiba’s AV drives which were sometimes fitted, including the 1Tb Ultra-HD 4K YouView boxes. Toshiba’s 1Tb drive is model number MQ01ABD100V.

We recommend only buying new drives for maximum lifespan, reliability and for security of your new recordings. See the table below for links to buy the different makes and sizes of YouView Hard Drive.

Western DigitalWD5000LUCTWD10JUCT

Removing the Hard Drive

Remove the screw near the back of the PCB and the one near the front panel.


Refit the lid loosely and turn the box over.


Remove the bottom of the box leaving the PCB resting inside the lid. The PCB is covered with a heatsink/RF shield.


You can now undo the 4 screws holding the hard drive in place. They will only unscrew partially i.e. they won’t fully emerge from their rubber mounts and will stay under the metal shield but they will release the drive.


Put the bottom back on the box loosely and turn the box upright again. Remove the lid.


You can now lift out the old hard drive, carefully sliding it away from its connector, and fit the new one which is available new on eBay here.


After slotting the new hard drive in place fit the lid and turn the box over again so the new drive and PCB are resting in the lid. Gently align and tighten the four hard drive screws.



Place the PCB back in the bottom half of its casing. Note which screws went where. The two medium length screws hold the PCB to the base. The four longest screws hold go in the bottom of the case. The short machine screw goes in the back panel.


Re-fit the two screws holding the PCB to the bottom of the casing. Remember to plug in the cable between lid and PCB before screwing the lid shut!


With the lid clipped back in place turn the box upside down and fit the 4 long screws.

Put the machine screw back in above the SCART socket.

Once reassembled your box will need to be re-initialised by powering it up into maintenance mode.

YouView Box Maintenance Mode

Make sure the physical power switch on the back of the box is switched off, then reconnect all the cables to the box. Switch on your TV and pre-select the correct HDMI input for your YouView box so you can see what the box is doing while it powers on.

Switch on the power switch on the back of your box and a red light should appear on the front.

Press and keep holding the ‘down’ arrow button on top of the box for 5 seconds until ‘Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N’ appears on the TV screen. Release the down button and press the power button to say yes. The prompt only appears for a few seconds so be quick!


After a few minutes you will be greeted by the hidden maintenance screen. Choose the first option – Software Reset – and press the right-arrow button to confirm. This will restart your box, initialise the new hard drive and run through the software setup procedure for the box.

You should now have a fully repaired YouView box!

Please leave and tips, comments or questions about replacing YouView hard drives below.

16 thoughts on “YouView Box Hard Drive Replacement

  1. Awesome advice! Worked a treat for my youview box thanks 😁

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the info – I have changed the drive but the maintenance mode does not some up – does the disk have to be formatted? And if so to what format please? Thanks, M

    1. Hi Miles, you might find that the drive does not need formatting from maintenance mode. After a few minutes of powering it on, does the Youview box work normally? Or is there a message on the TV screen?

  3. Just replaced youview box hard drive following your easy to follow instructions.
    Works fine now.
    Many thanks.

  4. Hi, do you know what the maximum supported drive size is? I was thinking of replacing the 500gb drive in my youview+ box with a 3tb western digital purple drive. Any feedback welcome- thanks

    1. The maximum is probably 1Tb or 2Tb as there is some sort of addressing limit on some computer systems for drives above 2Tb. Make sure it’s a drive suitable for AV, CCTV or PVR use such as the Western Digital AV drives. Some people have had success with a 1Tb drive.

  5. Just repaired my box with a new hard drive from eBay for £23 following your instructions and works a treat!

    1. Great work Mark, good to hear about your successful drive replacement!

  6. MANY THANKS!!! Was about to empty my bin, where I had dumped my faulty box when I read your blog. It worked a dream. Mine actually had a Seagate ST500VT000 fitted. Sourced one from eBay for about a tenner. Quick question, is there any reason you can’t use any 2.5″ drive? Is there much difference these days?? Thank you again!

    1. Glad you got your YouView box repaired Ray! Seagate ST500VT000 drives were fitted as an alternative to the WD drives in some boxes. They too are AV specification drives (video drives) which are capable of recording at least two separate video streams simultaneously while playing back a third. These drives are also quieter and cooler than standard 2.5″ computer drives so should last longer in continuous use.

  7. My box has just died, took the hd out and reformated it in fat32 looks ok, put it back in and tried to do the factory reset, but it only shows maintanance mode, and then goes to loading up, no other messages, any ideas please.

    1. When you get the Maintenance Mode prompt on screen, press the power button to bring up the maintenance menu.

  8. Just fitted ebay hard drive no software reset gone back to its old settings bt waking up then youview loading maintenance setting just flashed on screen just once

    1. Can you get the “Enter maintenance mode Y/N” prompt on screen, and then press power?
      Once the menu is up you might need to do a factory reset with deleting the recordings to reformat the drive if it is not brand new.

  9. Hi thanks for help after a few false starts I am up and running. Very pleased with the diagrams

  10. Thanks!

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